Завод Диполь

Innovative technologies for the electronics industry

Dipaul Company
We offer a full range of services along the process of modern electronics manufacturer development, from creating the concept and building engineering infrastructure to entire equipping and new technological environment trainings.
Комната для разработки
We deliver innovative technologies to the challenging process of integrated electronics development projects
Test and measurement equipment
Soldering equipment
ESD Furniture
Productivity Software
3D-printing equipment
Производственное помещение
A variety of equipment to develop and implement electronics manufacturing process that meet our customers’ most challenging business needs
Additive manufacturing
KUPOL MES software
Electronics manufacturing equipment
Комната для экспериментов
Essential elements of manufacturing process helping to avoid failures and detect improper performance of electronic parts and devices
Testing equipment
Measuring equipment
Antenna measurement
Metrology equipment
EMC testing equipment
Комната для обслуживания
Service and operation
Additional equipment and technological expertise helping to widely support the manufacturing process and ensure full functionality of the machines.
Technology and service support
Portable devices
Metrology services

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